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Ticket to Ride Pocket adds tracks to 1910 Expansion


Ticket to Ride Pocket keeps chugging along, adding the first paid expansion with Ticket to Ride Pocket: 1910. The $1 extension is based off the expansion for the board game (which is way more expensive), featuring three new modes and 35 new destinations.

The three new modes include: 1910 Classic, where there's no bonus for longest route, but for completing the most tickets. 1910 Mega has players receiving five routes -- instead of three -- and there are 69 destination tickets total, instead of 35. Finally, 1910 Cities only includes major city tickets, which means players need to grab the best routes as quickly as possible and can't focus on their "section of the country" like in the normal game.

The 1910 expansion comes shortly after the core $2 Ticket to Ride Pocket app, which was already a great port of the board game experience, received asynchronous play and had reached 350,000 sales earlier this month.

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