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Waking Mars lands on iOS March 1

Jordan Mallory

Waking Mars, the IGF finalist formerly known as Lost Mars, has been approved for human consumption and will be available on Apple's App Store come March 1, according to developer Tiger Style's Twitter account. The action-gardening platformer will set you back a solid $4.99, is both iPhone and iPad compatible, and as we discovered last September, looks "stunning."

The game's name change was a preemptive precaution inspired by Mojang's legal trouble over Scrolls: "We were paying attention to the silliness surrounding 'Scrolls' and 'Elder Scrolls' and we talked to our lawyer and decided that it was best to go with a name we absolutely can own," said Tiger Style's Dave Kalina in a statement on the developer's blog. As that old, interplanetary gardener's saying goes, it's better to plant stuff on Mars than to get planted by Martians. Or, something.

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