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Inhabitat's Week in Green: dinosaur robots, a robotic bee and X-ray origami animals


Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week's most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us -- it's the Week in Green.

This week researchers harnessed technology to reap groundbreaking discoveries in the natural world as Inhabitat reported that a team of Russian scientists revived a 32,000-year-old Arctic plant, and a 298-million-year-old-forest was discovered beneath a coal mine in China. Meanwhile Google geared up to launch a "sea view" service that lets anyone explore the Great Barrier Reef and Makerbot launched a line of colorful 3D printed shells for hermit crabs. Scientists also harnessed advanced printing technology to create a new breed of realistic dinosaur robots and a miniature self-assembling robotic bee, and the National academy of Sciences urged a review of the risks and safety of nanomaterials.

Green transportation also soared to astronomical new heights this week as a Japanese company announced plans to build a 20,000-mile-high space elevator by the year 2050. Back on earth, Toyota unveiled the first teaser shots of its upcoming FT-Bh mini hybrid vehicle, a "bricked" Tesla Roadster launched an electric vehicle debate, and we showcased the Taga -- the ultimate bike stroller combo. Green design also hit the slopes as Tenna, Switzerland took the wraps off the world's first solar wing-powered ski lift and William Hughes carved up the snow wearing a blazing bright LED snowboarding suit.

In other news, eco phone design rang loud and clear this week as AT&T announced plans to place green labels on mobile devices, Shikun Sun developed a DrawBraille smartphone for the blind, and a NYC architect turned defunct phone booths into free mini libraries. We were also wowed by several eye-opening recycled designs -- a fully functional twin lens reflex LEGO camera and a series of furnishings made from decommissioned military ammunition. Last but not least, we watched a gigantic solar-powered metal flower bloom in Buenos Aires, Nike created a prosthetic running sole for amputee triathletes, and we shined a light on Takayuki Hori's beautiful X-ray origami animals.

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