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Gaze upon your impending destruction in this Street Fighter X Tekken combo exhibition

Jordan Mallory

There are a lot of rules that apply to fighting games as a genre, chief among them being that no matter how good you get, somewhere in the world is a person that can completely destroy everything you think you are. The very fiber of your being, thrown to the four winds, never again to coalesce into the person you once were. Ennui, pure and desolate, in hadouken form.

But hey, don't let that discourage you from trying! When you know the darkness is coming, you can prepare for it, which is why we recommend watching the Street Fighter X Tekken combo exhibition by DESK embedded above. Many of the techniques in this video will likely be seen online shortly after the game's launch, so study up. After all, as Mortal Kombat taught us, knowledge is power.

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