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Gotham by Gaslight featured beefy London Batman, gameplay vid reveals


It must be terrifying to be a developer on a game that's just barely greenlit, facing down publisher meetings that could make or break all the hard work you've put into a particular project. Come to think of it, the stress and constant panicked feeling would probably be similar to how the prostitutes in London felt every nightfall during Jack the Ripper's heyday. Maybe.

F.3.A.R. developer Day 1 Studios knows how both of those things feel, to some extent, having begun work on Gotham by Gaslight, a steampunk-inspired adaptation of a one-shot Batman graphic novel, only to have it canceled shortly after. We previously got a peek at some concept art for the title, and now Siliconera has uncovered an animation test that it says comes from someone at Day 1.

Check out the burly Batman's flowing cloak as he strides around a dark London setting right here.

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