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Origin auto-adds EA games bought through Steam -- no, it's not creepy


EA's Origin service may know more about your gaming habits than even you realize: Remember Dead Space 2? All the hours you spent on Steam last year, searching for ammo and creeping through alien-infested day care centers, just to finish it and never boot it up again? Even if you don't remember, EA does. Muhahahaha.

EA is able to add games bought on other services, such as Steam, to players' Origin accounts, a forum post on Day One Patch reveals. Many players notice Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect titles popping up in their Origin game lists, even though the titles were bought through Steam. Origin is known to check out the file names on users' computers -- without reading or transmitting any private information back to EA, of course -- and it now uses that power to streamline your EA games lists. In other words, EA is using its power for good. And to better market its own titles.

[Thanks, Matt.]

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