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Vimeo 2.0 adds native iPad UI, Vimeo music store integration


Vimeo has updated its video-viewing app to version 2.0, providing new user interfaces for both the iPhone and the iPad. The iPad version is a now native app, and the iPhone version has been tweaked to be easier to use, which is always nice. The app also now lets you shoot and create projects, and browse Vimeo's content channels all without actually having to log in to the service, which is pretty nice.

The new version also includes full integration with the new Vimeo Music Store, which is a marketplace for musicians to upload music, which can then be purchased and used in user videos. This allows for Vimeo uploaders to have access to music they can commercially license in their content, and lets musicians make a little bit of money when having their music used. There are also quite a few free tracks available for use as well, so you can set up music to be used with your own videos, completely legally and without paying anything.

Pretty groovy. I've used Vimeo to upoad video in the past, and while it's not quite as easy (or ubiquitous) as a bigger site such as YouTube, it's definitely an excellent option, and this new update makes things even better. The Vimeo app is available for free on the App Store now.

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