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Amazon lightning deals include Army Corps of Hell, Old Republic savings


Amazon is once again filling its "Gold Box" with game-themed "Lightning Deals," two things that don't sound like they'd go together at all.

In practice, however, it means you can get The Old Republic for $40 all day, and a series of other deals throughout the day, hints for which can be found after the break. Right now, through 11am EST (or until supply runs out), you can get Army Corps of Hell for $30.

Outside of the Lightning Deals, you can also save on a large assortment of PC download games -- including the new Darkness II for $25.

  • 9AM EST - Army Corps of Hell (Vita)
  • 11AM EST - "Grab your eyepatch for this PSP adventure"
  • 1PM EST - "The latest installment in the world-renowned series, which has shipped over 100 million units worldwide."
  • 4PM EST - "Turtle Beach's top-of-the-line XBOX 360 headset"
  • 6PM EST - "Get a total body dance workout on the Nintendo Wii!"
  • 9PM EST - "Its getting dark in here... Again"
  • 11PM EST - "Play with all your favorite toys within this DS game"

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