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Good Guy Sniper: Kills Hitler in Sniper Elite V2 pre-order bonus, doesn't die


Sniper Elite V2 doesn't ask too much out of players, just that they have a steady hand and, with a new pre-order bonus, that they kill Hitler. Pre-ordering Sniper Elite V2 before its North American ship date of May 1 gets players the Kill Hitler bonus mission and two new rifles, the SVT-40 and the Kar 98.

The story in Kill Hitler has players intercept the Fuhrer's train before it leaves for Berlin and snipe him as he scurries away on foot, with only one opportunity to actually hit Hitler and alter history. Really, this game is actually a time-paradox generator, and every time you miss sniping Hitler a world exactly like our own is created -- and you know you don't want that. If you hit him, though, you'll have never been born. Twilight Zone style.

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