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Small claims action to combat AT&T data throttling


Are you an iPhone owner with an unlimited plan? Are you being throttled by AT&T for using the data on your plan? If so, you may want to follow in the footsteps of Matt Spaccarelli who sued AT&T in small claims court. After a quick trial, the judge awarded him $850 in damages.

AT&T's contact terms prevent you from joining Spaccarelli and turning this into a class action lawsuit. Your best option is to hire a lawyer, go to small claims court and hope for the best. Mactech has an excellent primer to guide you through the process. It's not meant to be legal advice, just a friendly guide with tips like getting a copy of your contract, finding the right lawyer and so on.

In the end, you'd be doing this for the principle, not the money. The $850 that Mr Spaccarelli received would barely cover his legal fees, and if he wanted to cancel his contract with AT&T, well, that would be another $350. Even if you don't come away with some cash, you'll at least feel good about sticking it to the man.

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