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Caption Contest: Mario stops by for a surprise visit


What often gets lost amongst all the flying and painting and partying is that Mario, he's just a regular dude. He's a blue red collar plumber just looking to earn an honest days pay, hangout with his lady and occasionally deliver a racing kart to unsuspecting Tennesseans. When the artist formerly known as Jump Man rang the bell of Nathanial Stehley to drop off his West Coast Customs-built ride, we can only imagine what went through his mind -- probably something about not eating Toad's relatives.

Tim: "Honey, there's a plumber on the porch again."
Michael: "Wrong castle, buddy. All the 'word-up' posturing in the world won't get me to bring out Princess Peach."
Brian: "You called for a plumber?"
Jon: "Imma da new mailman. Yeah, M is for mailman."
Joe: "So, uh, you brought the mushrooms, right?"
Dan: "Yeah, the name's Cooper. King Cooper. You wanna see my girl? You'll have to go through me, pal."
Brad: "I'm sorry Mario, but your princess is in another condo."
Dante: "What do you mean you were expecting Xzibit?"
Terrence: "Hey Pauline, this guy says he knows you."
Zach Lutz: "In a desperate attempt to return to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario swallows his pride and asks for directions."
James: "I told you before Mario, Princess doesn't want to see you, you have to stop calling like this."
Richard Lai: "Which part of 'stay 100 yards away from her' do you not understand?"
Sean Buckley: "I'm a bit short on change, mind if I bang my head on your wall for a little while?"
David: "No, I don't have any 'powerups' today, come back tomorrow."
Darren: "All I do is win, win, win no matter what."

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