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GameStop plans 3,600 midnight openings for Mass Effect 3


Over 3,600 of GameStop's stores around the US will be open at midnight on Tuesday, March 6 (or: late at night on Monday, if you prefer) for the release of Mass Effect 3. GameStop will host special events all over the country, with special streaming footage coming from the big events in Edmonton in Canada, and here in the US in West Hollywood, Chicago, and Boston.

Most of the usual GameStop launch rigamarole will be applicable, so you'll get extra trade-in credit on games you bring in that day for Mass Effect 3, and any pre-orders will get the in-game N7 "Valkyrie" Assault Rifle and N7 "Defender" Armor. Finally, anyone picking up Mass Effect 3 at before March 11 can also get $50 off a Kinect sensor, so you too can yell things at your crewmates -- and have them respond.

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