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Mass Effect 3 Vault comes with DLC too


The Mass Effect 3 "Vault" by Calibur11 makes your Xbox or PS3 look kind of like the torso of a Lego Commander Shepard. It also makes the counterintuitive claim of improving airflow to the device.

If the allure of a system that is like a chest in two different senses of the word isn't enough, perhaps you'd be swayed by the promise of some Mass Effect 3 DLC? Like every other Mass Effect tie-in product this year, the Vault comes with some in-game bonuses, specifically "Reinforcement Packs" containing race and class unlocks, weapons and items for use in multiplayer.

If you've resisted the books, toys, and other items, maybe this will be the thing to confer bonus DLC on you, while encasing your game system in the warm glow of "battery powered lighting effects."

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