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Blue Posts and Other WoW News: New race and class combos not guaranteed


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Today's WoW news roundup includes:

Blue posts

New race/class combos?
Well, we're adding the pandaren and monk in Mists of Pandaria and the monk class will be available to all races save for goblin and worgen, so you could say that, "yes, we're still adding new race/class combos." That said, we want to make sure that when we add things like this that they make sense for the longevity of the game so we can't make any guarantees as to what or how often these will be added into the game. Balancing new classes into the game is a bit more difficult than adding a new race, but there are obviously complexities to both.

PvP in MoP
I'm not going to go point by point right now, but I do want to reassure you that we're not ignoring PvP. We're definitely aware of the concerns that players have and like much of the current development, are working on many things for the future of World of Warcraft (as a whole) and Mists of Pandaria. With the press tour coming up in March, we can hopefully be able to get you a better look at what we have planned and how we're planning to address things such as the PvP concerns that people have and have been expressing. I'm not going to promise that we'll "fix" everything that everyone has concerns about because that's not something we can ever guarantee, but we will be keeping a close eye on all of the (constructive) feedback that we expect you will have. We also look forward to when we'll be able to get community members into the beta test (when it occurs) to give it a first-hand look as well.


It's too soon for me to go into any specific PvP plans, changes, or time frames as of yet. But we will be.

For those who are falling back to "Next expansion pack will fix it" as a complaint-- The most I can say is that this is the cycle of MMO development. As you also know, we've generally made changes that affect the game as a whole available to anyone regardless of whether they have purchased the new expansion pack or not as well as add content that is available via the expansion. That said though, I'm not making any guarantees of anything at this point in time, but I want the door left open for the possibilities. We'll be doing our best to explain all of this in the near future as I've mentioned.

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