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Verizon lets loose its stance on locked bootloaders in letter to the FCC


All sorts of Android manufacturers have had to answer for the locked bootloaders in their devices, and now we've gotten a bit of insight into Verizon's view of the subject. It seems Big Red has responded to a formal complaint one customer filed with the FCC for the carrier's policy of allowing handsets with locked bootloaders on its network. Apparently, open bootloaders would allow users to make changes to their phones and use software that "could negatively impact how the phone connects with the network" and "the wireless experience for other customers." So, there you have it folks, Verizon encourages OEMs to lock down handsets to provide you with a better experience and top-notch customer service. Head on down to the source link to get a gander at the letter, and feel free to sound off on Verizon's consumer-friendly stance in the comments below.

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