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WoW Moviewatch: Guild Bank Wars


SlightyImpressive's Guild Bank Wars is a parody of Storage Wars, which admittedly isn't a show I watch. Actually, I wasn't aware that Storage Wars existed until I saw this parody. The premise of the real show is that these guys open up storage units and sell the stuff. You can guess what happens in Guild Bank Wars.

Oddly, I picked up a sort of Wowcrendor-like vibe from this movie, which isn't entirely a bad thing. However, the resemblance was so strong that I couldn't quite shake it. Wowcrendor has been successful, and he's a decent person to emulate, but I don't want to be unfair to SlightlyImpressive. I did not get the sense that this emulation was in any way purposeful. Rather, it just seems like a style similarity, not a direct rip-off.

I only bring up this similarity because Guild Bank Wars is decent, but I feel like these videos need something to set them apart from the pack. They need a more distinctive voice, like the creator is trying to make a statement. It could just be me, but right now the video feels a little hollow.

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