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Apple is Fortune's Most Admired Company for fifth year in a row


For the fifth year in a row, Apple has taken the honors as Fortune's Most Admired Company.

Apple aced out Google,, Coca-Cola, and IBM. Those companies that took second through fifth places respectively.

Fortune cited Apple's stellar financial performance during the last year as the main reason for the company coming in at number one on the list: "The company's annual revenues climbed to US$108 billion, led by an 81% increase in iPhone sales -- a jump that doesn't factor in the runaway success of the iPhone 4S -- and a 334% spike in iPad sales, due in no small part to the revamped iPad 2. Increased sales across the board explain why shares soared 75% during the company's fiscal year to $495."

This year's win ties General Electric for the number of appearances at the top of the Most Admired Company list. One more win in 2013 will put Apple at the top of the heap for years to come. You can read about Apple's wins in 2011 and 2010 by clicking these links.

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