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Polaroid's Pro smartphone series hands-on


It wasn't just Polaroid's tablets getting showing at MWC. The former photographic powerhouse has been readying a selection of Android-powered handsets that it's trying not to confuse with the HD camera seen at CES. Polaroid's Pro phone range seem to be pitched at the Alcatel side of the smartphone spectrum and ironically, given its heritage, the models on show brandished slightly lower-specced camera modules than the final versions. The Pro X11B's 1.3-megapixel camera will increase to two, while the 3-megapixel Pro A12 steps up to a 5-megapixel sensor. Unfortunately, the series' flagship 4.3-inch model displayed in Polaroid's smartphone brochure missed its flight to Barcelona, while, bizarrely, the working mid-range model was running HTC Sense. However, we were told that this software build was apparently there to demonstrate the (poor) screen technology. Build quality is similarly depressing and felt plasticky and out-of-date already. We were told that final models would arrive a little skinnier, but that's only the start of a whole raft of improvements needed here. Polaroid's distribution plans and pricing are still a little blurry, but until we hear more, you can check out our gallery for some close-up details.

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