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Producer Dan Stahl answers the newest round of Star Trek Online community questions

Eliot Lefebvre

Dan Stahl is back in the hot seat at Star Trek Online, and that means it's time for him to tackle another round of questions for the regular Ask Cryptic feature. This month's questions have quite a lot to do with forecasting future updates to the game, ranging from questions about new playable species to questions on revising crafting and PvP. And while these questions always involve a fair amount of ambiguity for far-off plans, there's plenty for players to chew on.

One of the obvious questions relates to the game's planned release of only two Featured Episode series. Stahl explains that the real issue isn't how many series are released; it's the fact that the game needs a steady pipeline of content, something that the team is examining closely. He also discusses future goals for Fleets and the possibility of voiceover for dedicated bridge officers. As with previous installments, there's no shortage of questions, so fans are likely to find something to get excited about within the answers.

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