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AirServer adds mirroring for supported iOS devices


Earlier this week Erica told you about Reflection, a new AirPlay client for the Mac that supports mirroring from capable iOS devices (the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S). For anyone capturing iOS screens for video or webcasting use, Reflection's capability means you can do away with complex cabling and expensive hardware in favor of a $14.99 app.

Now one of the previous entrants in the AirPlay client market has released an update to add mirroring support: AirServer, which Steve reviewed back in October of 2011. Also $14.99, AirServer includes hardware accelerated video and works with Android devices running the doubleTwist utility as well. Existing AirServer users can update to version 4 for $3.99.

Here's a brief demo video from our buddy Doc Rock:

Unfortunately, AirServer doesn't offer a demo version, while Reflection does let you test for 10 minutes per day in demo mode. Nevertheless, if you've got a preference or if you're already an AirServer user, check out the new version.

[Per Reflection developer David Stanfill, the mirroring code in AirServer is the same as it is in Reflection; it was licensed.]

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