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New Intel Ivy Bridge i5 details leaked in Intel sales book


Word on the street is Ivy Bridge has been delayed, but that doesn't mean you have to wait till June to get the low down on some of the shiny new silicon Intel has in store for you. Chipzilla posted a sales book, presumably on accident since it's been pulled, with details about upcoming i5 and i7 refreshes. The only page we were able to find was loaded with Core i5s, including third generation parts like the 3.4GHz 3570K which packs the new HD4000 and, most likely, an unlocked multiplier. Most of the rest of the lineup, save the 3475S, is rocking Intel's HD2500 IGP, while the lone dual-core part is the 3470T, which is also the only chip to sport Hyper-Threading and ship with only 3MB of cache. Now, as far as when you can buy these processors or how much they'll cost, we're still in dark, but at least we've got a better idea of what we'll be shopping for. Head on after the break for a slightly better look at the new parts.

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