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Nokia keeps it 'amazing everyday' in the US, gives Lumia 710 owners free colorful covers


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If you've snagged one of those Mango-packing Lumia 710s but were quietly wishing to add some colorful spice to it, Nokia's got something in the works for you. That's if, you live in the States, and can bust out a mighty proof of purchase. Once those credentials are in order, you'll need to head over to the promo site and pop in a bit of personal info along with the must-have IMEI digits. The Finnish freebies will let you grab a single Xpress-on cover that comes in a variety of colors, including cyan, fuchsia, yellow and white. There's no word as to when, or if, the nice gesture will hit folks from other countries. That said, those of you meeting the requirements can take advantage by giving the source link below a quick click. And, be sure to let us know how it all worked out.

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