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PixelJunk 4am out this spring, spectator mode detailed


Q-Games' music thing, PixelJunk 4am, will be available this spring on the PlayStation Network. It's been a rough road trying to describe the "game" to the masses, so the developer will be holding a public preview next week in San Francisco. PixelJunk 4am Art & Music Director DJ Baiyon, who was also responsible for the music in PixelJunk Eden, will be there to perform, and there'll be free play for everyone.

The PlayStation Blog has also detailed how the spectator mode will work for the game. A free app will be available on the PSN for everyone, and allow them to "stream any live performances currently happening worldwide." Players will be able to follow their favorite performers and provide feedback through those fancy social networking sites, like the Twitters and Facebooks.

Hopefully, the GDC performance will finally give us the audio-visual opportunity to properly encapsulate the feeling of 4am.

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