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Indie Fund selects The Swapper as next investment


Eerie and remarkable puzzle platformer The Swapper, last seen at Indiecade last year, has been chosen as the next financed title by the Indie Fund. The fund, put together by a team of indie developers, is designed to make sure developers of great games get the money they need to reach players. Past recipients of the Fund include games like Q.U.B.E. and Dear Esther, both of which recouped their investment very quickly.

So if you weren't already on the lookout for The Swapper, time to get out the telescope. The game is made by two young developers from the University of Helsinki (who told Joystiq that the title's unique graphical look was made using pictures of models built with clay), and though they've said it will likely arrive on "PC and Mac, maybe something else," they haven't announced release plans just yet.

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