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Japanese hardware sales, February 20 - 26: Greatest idea ever edition

Jordan Mallory

We're totally in love with the idea of creating fighting games based on other gaming IPs. Arc System Work's Persona 4 Arena is looking really solid, for instance, but if you'd asked us which gaming universe should be turned into a fighter, Persona wouldn't have been our first answer. This got us thinking, what other unlikely universe might make a totally rad fighting game?

The answer, as we're sure you'll agree, is obvious: The complete works of Hayao Miyazaki. Can't you just see it? Princess Mononoke squares off against Nausicaä of the Valley in an all out, over the top, no-holds-barred battle for cinematic supremacy! Laputa Gardener Robot vs. Ō-Totoro! Kiki vs. Porco Rosso! Yubaba vs. Moro no Kimi! There can be Cat Bus DLC and everything.

Hell, No Face is practically in BlazBlue already. Let's make this happen, Arc System Works.

3DS: 76,322 (DOWN) 18,345 (19.378%)
PS3: 27,111 (UP) 5,118 (23.27%)
PSP: 15,928 (UP) 1,104 (7.45%)
Vita: 11,186 (DOWN) 1,123 (9.12%)
Wii: 7,878 (UP) 4 (0.05%)
Xbox 360: 1,508 (UP) 525 (53.41%)
PS2: 1,269 (DOWN) 164 (11.44%)
DSi LL: 977 (UP) 76 (8.44%)
DSi: 662 (UP) 6 (0.91%)

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