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Previously On MVTV: The week of February 25th


So you missed out on some of Massively's wonderful livestreams, huh? You had to go out and hang out with actual human beings and missed some of the most exciting live game playing you could have imagined? Shame. Shame on you. Don't worry, though; I've taken the time to collect some of the very best moments from the previous week's shows and combine them into one easy, one-stop-shop for your viewing pleasure.

Really, it's no trouble. Do be a dear and bookmark our MassivelyTV Guide for future reference!

So what do we have this week? Some pretty awesome stuff, actually. Richie jumps back into some Guild Wars, Mike takes an explosive swing at EVE Online once again and then hops into RIFT, Psykopig slowly finds himself falling in love with Wizard101 despite his attempts at resistance, Karen and the team from Allods Online embark on a tour of high-level content and Astral ships, I get invited to a real wedding inside Luvinia Online, and Tboo does her usual best by shooting people in the face in APB: Reloaded.

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This week, Richie turned his attention back to the Ministry of Purity in an attempt to expose them for the jerks they really are. He took on several Winds of Change missions, including one in which he got to throw fire bombs made from empty liquor bottles. What could go wrong when explosions and booze are involved? Tune in to find out!

EVE Online banner
In this week's EVE stream, Mike ventured out into the black and learned a few hard lessons about the benefits of carrying different types of missiles. The end result? A war of attrition between the valiant Spaceguy Rotsuda and a nigh-indestructible command ship. Enormous explosions abound in the latest entry in Mike's EVE streaming series.

RIFT banner
Mike followed through on promises of fireballs galore in this week's RIFT stream. There were not only fireballs but low-level quests, dangerous rifts, and more quests than an NPC can shake a stick at. Tune in to see what happened when Mike finally figured out a working rotation for delivering spell-based destruction.

Wizard101 banner
If you're a fan of the '80s hit Weird Science, Wizard101, and general game wackiness, check out this stream of Psykopig playing one of the most popular wizard-based MMOs around. He wandered around the lowbie levels of The Spiral, narrating his adventures in a pretty wicked accent. He threw out troll spells, skipped quest text, and walked us through the experience of playing Wizard 101 for the first time. Spoiler alert: At first he thought it was a terrible children's MMO, but he definitely got into it despite his manliness. I wonder what the millions of fans of all ages would think of that? Ninja pigs always win over new players.

Allods Online banner
Oh, Allods Online. So many have beat you up in the comments section of our beloved website, yet so many people continue to play you. In fact, this livestream of Karen and the Allods teams adventuring through the high levels of the game was one of the most popular videos we've ever had! Watch as they take some time to kill some very scary-looking monsters and tour around on an astral ship. Astral ships are massive, high-level craft that can be piloted by groups of players in real-time. The Astral and the high levels of the game are not a place for the weak, but Karen is no stranger to hardcore raiding and high-level concentration. This is a great video for those who have never seen just how much Allods can offer!

Luvinia Online banner
Ever dream of getting married inside your favorite MMO? Well, soon you can within Luvinia Online by Outspark, and I was invited to an exclusive invite-only wedding between two of the game's GMs. Not only will players have access to a huge hall to decorate, but they will be tasked beforehand with several detailed quests in order to become betrothed. Watch as I try to get the best angle of the event and witness just how many fireworks and special effects can go off when players are happy. Little did both of the GMs know that this virtual wedding had real-world consequences and that they were forever one. I tried to tell them, those crazy kids!

APB: Reloaded banner
Lastly, we had Tboo showing off her ability to take a shot in APB: Reloaded. Matching outfits still seem to be the way to go, but they obviously aren't bulletproof. Watch as she steals cars, breaks some windows, and generally causes mayhem. To be clear: Massively does not condone the activities witnessed on Tboo's streams. Do not try anything she does at home on your own computer.

Did you miss Massively TV last week? Are you too busy to dig through a week's worth of video to get to the highlights? Never fear! We've done the work for you right here in Previously on MV TV, a roundup of epic battles, tragic deaths, and juicy outtakes from last week's livestreams.

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