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Burstly acquires TestFlight, builds "TestFlight Live"


TestFlight and Burstly shook up the developer world today when the pair confirmed that TestFlight has been acquired by Burstly. TestFlight is a platform that lets developers distribute test builds of their apps to a beta audience; while Burstly is platform that helps developers track and monetize their apps. Together the duo has created TestFlight Live, a new platform that'll let developers distribute their apps and track both their usage and performance.

TestFlight Live is a real-time dashboard which shows overall app engagement, revenue, audience, and stability. The dashboard tracks stats like the number of unique users, number of visiting users, lists of different devices, in-app versus paid app purchases and more. It's similar to HockeyApp, another platform for distributing beta versions of applications and tracking their performance.

Both TestFlight and TestFlight Live will be free for developers and developers already using TestFlight can start using the Live service now. TestFlight and Burstly plan to keep the basic framework of TestFlight Live free and will monetize the system using premium features in the future. It's compatible with Safari on the desktop, the iPad, and the iPhone.

[Via PandoDaily]

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