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Crapgadget: Spring Phling edition


As winter recedes, the Crapgadgets emerge from their hibernation as they attempt to separate fools and their money. Today's selection includes a ridiculous workaround to a ridiculous accessory, an iPad case that has lips like Jagger and a hook for, er, spinning your iPhone around like a Wild West gunslinger.

Read - Our biggest regret in life is not being able to spin our $600 cellphone around on a $20 sticky coat hook.

Read - We're expecting the iPad 3 to be able to recreate the title sequence of the Rocky Horror Picture Show without the aid of this case.

Read - If you were into smartphones before they were cool and portable, you'll love the ability to carry around your over-sized retro handset on your jeans.

Read - Nothing evokes the grace, beauty and power of Enzo Ferrari's engineering than these decade-old-spec flip-phones that kinda resemble a Ferrari 966, if you squint from a distance.

Read - This "noiseless microphone" has two functions, and only one is to prevent your karaoke from annoying your neighbors.

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