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Forza 4 update raising level cap to 999 tomorrow


The level cap in Forza 4 will be increased dramatically to level 999 via an online update, which should be a welcome change for racing fans stuck at a mere level 150. It fixes a number of bugs and adds some fresh whips, and should be available tomorrow.

"Players are putting in a lot more hours than they ever did in Forza 3," Greenwalt boasted during a Forza 4 behind-closed-doors session at Microsoft's annual showcase event in San Francisco last week. He said that the level cap of 150 was initially designed to be unattainable within a span of 9-12 months, but found that the most diehard players had hit that goal within four months of launch.

How long will it take to hit the new max? We don't know, but we're happy to race you to it.

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