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Guild Summit for Star Wars: The Old Republic fielding a plethora of revelations

Eliot Lefebvre

Would you like to be able to Force Choke people on your Bounty Hunter? Do you want your orange modifiable gear to be viable in the endgame? Are you looking for a little more variety in your Warzones? The first Guild Summit for Star Wars: The Old Republic is promising all of these things, with new information coming in a mile a minute. And if you're missing the livestreams due to work or other obligations, there's thankfully a summary available on Darth Hater covering the big points being hit.

The developers are heavily discussing the upcoming patch 1.2 and all that it brings as well as fielding several player questions regarding the design philosophy. Operations are being more finely tuned and polished starting with 1.2, with future Operations meant for two tanks and potentially splitting the group into two teams for two objectives. PvP players will be getting a new set of gear to bridge the gap between fresh 50s and veteran players; there will also be gear with more pure PvP stats to minimize crossover. And if you're more the sort to roll alts, the Legacy system promises more options and combinations than you might have imagined possible. There's a great deal to digest and a lot for Star Wars: The Old Republic players to anticipate, and the event isn't nearly over yet.

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