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RIFT celebrates its first year by looking back... and looking beyond


It's been a tremendous first year for the RIFT team, and as the devs embark on year two for the game, they have taken a moment to look at the progress the title has made and where they intend to take it from here. "We built a really good foundation," Technical Design Director Peter Ju said, "and now we're just going to keep expanding it, expanding it, expanding it."

Apart from the expected proud testimonies from RIFT's developers, a new anniversary video shines some light on the development process. Ever wonder how Trion Worlds can pump out updates in such rapid succession? One of the reasons is that the tech is structured so that every dev can run -- and experiment upon -- a server on his or her own computer.

The team is excited about a brand-new 20-man raid that includes a dragon made entirely of treasure, not to mention a zone that's composed entirely of a city. A brief shot of a marker board suggests that the team is mulling over trapping and fishing professions as well as a possible mentoring system.

You can get pumped up for RIFT with this video after the jump!

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