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Skype videoconferencing app and add-on camera come to Vizio Internet Apps HDTVs


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Vizio snuck mention of its $150 XCV100 Skype-enabled webcam into its CES 2012 accessories announcements, and now the two companies have announced its compatibility with "most" Vizio Internet App TVs. There's no list of which models specifically support it, and which can manage up to 720p streams, but owners can check the capabilities of their model on Vizio's website. The webcam itself features an HD camera and four built in mics, and clips directly on the top of Vizio's flatscreens. Assuming you're into videoconferencing from your living room, have one of the HDTVs and are ready to drop a benjamin and a half for the privilege, all that's left is to find one of the cameras, currently marked as sold out on Vizio and Amazon. Now, if we could just get an update on that $99 ARM-powered Google TV set-top box...

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