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    Daily Mac App: Screeny 2 let you capture video of your desktop with ease


    Inevitably, there's going to be a time when you need to capture video of your screen. Someone might ask you to demo an app or document a bug, and you'll need have a reliable application to grab a quick video of your desktop. Instead of scrambling, you should be prepared and have Screeny installed on your Mac.

    Screeny is a lightweight, inexpensive screen capture app. It sits in the menu bar and launches with a simple click. The feature I like the most is the flexibility of the screen capture window. You can choose to capture the whole screen, capture a region with a preset dimension like 640x480 or capture using a custom dimension.

    The custom option is helpful as it lets you position the capture box right over the content you want to record. It's great for capturing a section of your browser window without revealing all your open tabs, for example. If you don't want video, you can just press the camera button to take a quick screenshot. Besides your desktop, Screeny also lets you capture video from the webcam on your Mac.

    Video recordings are saved alongside your movies in the Screeny folder. They are recorded and saved in QuickTime MOV format, which makes them easy to edit on your Mac. Images, likewise, are saved alongside your pictures in the Screeny folder as PNGs.

    Screeny is flexible and at US$14.99 is very affordable. I've been using Screeny along with the Reflection app to grab some videos of iOS apps in action. Capturing is quick and easy, and editing is a breeze with iMovie. Screeny is not as robust as Camtasia, but it's a fraction of the cost which makes it appealing for users who need to capture desktop videos every once in a while. You can buy Screeny from the Mac App Store.

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