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WoW Moviewatch: Brand New Patch


Whedon Warning: This discusses Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. If you're an anti-Whedon, you might wish to skip.

Brand New Patch is by the same chaps who created Rolling With Mad Deeps. Clearly, we're looking at a different singer here, but Xander is still the creative force behind it. This review is a little tough, so let's frame this discussion a little differently from the usual.

The good parts of this video are the lyrics and animation. The lyrics do a good job of emulating Brand New Day's signature rhythm, even if the wording sometimes feels a little stretched to make it work. But when you consider the song is about some rebellious angst ("No! You move!"), then it generally comes together all right. The video and animation works just fine, and I actually really enjoyed the subtitles.

The not-so-great part is that the singing didn't work very well. The singer doesn't have a bad voice, but it's hard to match Neil Patrick Harris's chops, pound for pound. Unfortunately, that comparison is inevitable, considering how powerfully evocative of Dr. Horrible this song actually is. Again, I don't feel the singer is bad, just that this song isn't the best cup of tea for that voice. Luckily, it seems Xander knows that.

Ultimately, I enjoyed Brand New Patch, and I'm interested in seeing what he does next.

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