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A new iPad looms, others still DOA


Apple is poised to announce its next generation iPad today and, as expected, the tablet is dominating the news. Even mainstream news outlets like Foxnews and CNN have reports on the highly-anticipated device. As CNN Money points out, this contrasts greatly from the launch of your average Android tablet, which barely garners any attention even from tech news wesbsites.

Last week was Mobile World Congress and several top manufacturers like Samsung, Asus and Huawei introduced new tablets. Can you name any of the models they introduced? Even one? Unless you are deeply engaged in the tech news you probably can't. Ask any stranger on the street about the iPad and I bet they will nod in agreement. Even if they don't own one themselves, most people are familiar with Apple's tablet device.

This isn't just speculation from a tech blogger, it's backed up by sales stats from companies like DisplaySearch, a subsidiary of the NPD Group. According to DisplaySearch's estimates, the iPad grabs a 59 percent share of the global tablet market worldwide. This compares to Amazon which has 17 percent and Samsung which has 7 percent.

Companies like Samsung are trying to shake things up with products like the Galaxy Note, a 5-inch phone/tablet with a stylus, but they can't compete with the elegant simplicity of the iPad. When faced with a choice, customers are overwhelmingly choosing the iPad and this gap will likely widen now that the next iPad is about to be announced.

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