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Cutter's Cry previewed for Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

When patch 1.21 goes live for Final Fantasy XIV on Friday, it brings along with it two new instanced raids. The first one, Cutter's Cry, sounds like it won't be a fun time for your character in the first place; after all, it's on the road between Thanalan and Mor Dhona, which isn't going to be a pleasant route. The fact that a powerful chimera was once known to be within the cave only makes things worse. And while a group of adventurers supposedly defeated the beast some 30 years ago, the beast has been heard within the depths again...

The dungeon is meant to be an extremely challenging encounter for players at level 45 and up, and the preview video shows off several characters in full Job regalia tackling its challenges. There are the beasts you'd expect to find within a cave in Thanalan, of course, including the requisite antlings and peistes. And of course, there's something worse waiting at the end -- but you can take a look at the video and see that for yourself.

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