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EVE Online's latest devblog is on a big bunch of little updates

Eliot Lefebvre

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Little things can make a big difference. That's the topic of the newest EVE Online developer blog by CCP karkur, which covers all of the little changes coming to the game's UI with the next point release. None of the updates is a matter of life or death, but each little change is meant to help improve the quality of life for players in little ways, leading to a better overall experience in the game. And who doesn't want that?

Among the more immediate changes are several additions to quickbar functionality as well as proper menus for the quickbar. There's also a revised blueprint folder, the ability to see at a glance what market stops are along your plotted route, a character display as you type an in-game mail... you get the idea. These aren't tools that will make it easier to undercut other players or blow up opposing ships; these are tools that make each step along that path just a little bit easier. It makes a big difference in the long run.

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