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SimCity saves heading to the clouds, bringing the game beyond the PC


During the highly technical SimCity engine talk today at GDC 2012, a trio of Maxis creative leads went into more depth on next year's simulation. Specifically with regards to online play, the game will feature cloud saving which will work continuously in the background as you play online.

SimCity was described as "built from the ground up to support online," which goes beyond the asychronus online play we heard about at last night's event. "Play anywhere" was mentioned, with the idea being that you could play the game across a variety of devices. We're thinking mobile as well as PC and (perhaps) console offerings, but the example given was accessing your games via web browser.

Several videos were also shown off of the game in action, though heavily laced with debug graphics (read: placeholder, and not so attractive). Each of the four demonstrated different aspects of the game's building blocks and we'll hopefully have them up for you shortly. The internet here is ... not so fast.

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