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WoW Moviewatch: ZA


Work Warning: There's a bit of cursing. Be warned!

Who's tired of running ZA to get the darn bear mount already? I'll admit, I've given up. Winning the roll is more difficult than accomplishing the timed run. You can imagine my cathartic relief when Sharm busted out this parody addressing that exact issue.

ZA is a take-off of Dolly Parton's Jolene. (Look, White Stripes fan, I dig it. Their cover was pretty good, but they were barely born when Parton was crooning this song out.) While Jolene itself has always given me odd feminist cognitive dissonance, ZA abandons that moral ambiguity in favor of simply lambasting the infuriating RNG behind the bear mount.

I was very happy to see Sharm tackle this song because I think it shows off the strength of her vocals very well. Sharm's a fascinating person and a lot of fun to follow, but it'd been a little while since we've really sen the power of her guns. ZA puts that talent on display and reminds us exactly why she's so successful.
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