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Proview calls for sales ban of new iPad in China


On the same day Apple announced its new iPad, Chinese company Proview released an open letter claiming it owns the trademark for the iPad in China, says a Macworld report. In the letter, Proview reportedly warned suppliers and vendors that they will face legal action if they don't stop the sale, storing and shipment of Apple's latest iPad.

Proview isn't the only entity laying claim to the iPad name. A group of eight Chinese banks say they own the trademark after they seized Proview's assets in March 2009. Instead of negotiating with Proview, the banks assert Apple should have purchased the trademark from them.

Huang Yiding, vice president of Hejun Vanguard Group said in an interview that "Apple was fully aware of this" and added that the banks can petition China's Trademark Office to stop the loss of the iPad name.

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