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Rainbow 6: Patriots retains gritty story after team change


When Ubisoft confirmed that the creative director of Rainbow 6: Patriots, David Sears, had been replaced by Jean-Sebastien Decant, natural assumption was that it was over the title's morally ambiguous storyline. That's not quite the case, Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat told Game Informer.

Sears' departure was a mutual decision, Mallat said, and Ubisoft is "evolving the vision that came from David's initial input." Sears, narrative director Richard Rouse III, lead designer Philippe Therien and animation director Brent George have left Team Rainbow, Mallat confirmed. Sears at least is still employed by Ubisoft Montreal. Mallat said he's been moved on to a "major project for a major brand."

Rainbow 6: Patriots is still set to launch in 2013, Mallat said.

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