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Zynga welcoming Konami, Rebellion, and Playdemic to


Zynga is expanding the reach of its newly launched platform, with VP of platform partners Rob Dyer telling attendees of a GDC 2012 talk this afternoon that Konami, Rebellion, and Playdemic will all be contributing titles to Zynga's recently launched web portal. Moreover, Dyer teased Konami's game as a "stealth project" that will "debut soon."

No word was given on the other projects from Rebellion and Playdemic, but we're following up for more info. Like, right now.

Update: This piece originally speculated that the title was Metal Gear related, due to its "stealth" wording; however, Zynga PR tells us what the wording really means is that Konami is working on the project "quietly." With the project coming "soon," it shouldn't take too long to find out exactly what Dyer's carefully worded speech was referring to.

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