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DC Universe Online explains how the Earth powerset rocks out

Eliot Lefebvre

DC Universe Online players have known that the next major powerset has been set in stone for some time now. The Earth powerset is rolling along, and in the latest developer blog the team explains just how the set works for all sorts of players. At its foundation, the powerset is split into the Geokinesis and Seismic trees, with the former allowing players to shape weapons of stone and the latter projecting earthquakes and similar eruptions.

Mastery of Geokinesis allows players to summon earth golems to fight alongside them, solidifying a defensive strategy with transferred damage and special stone totems. On the other hand, mastery of the Seismic tree lets you summon localized epicenters and yank pillars of stone from the ground, flinging enemies around and knocking them off their feet. While it doesn't seem like the new set will be kind to property values, players will probably have more than a few new tricks to use like a stone-cold killer.

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