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Dear Aunt TUAW: Should I upgrade to the 3rd Gen iPad?


Dear Aunt TUAW,

I own an iPad 2. It suits my needs just fine. I don't use the camera and the apps I use are not that processor intensive.

I'm looking at the 3rd Gen iPad and can't seem to make myself pull the trigger on upgrading. What do you think?

Your loving niece,


Dear Meg,

Auntie is torn as well. She's recommending the new iPad for anyone who doesn't yet own one, and yet for now she's sticking to her beloved iPad 2. As the owner of an iPad 2, the newer release feels more like an indulgence than a necessity to her.

With a better chip, improved camera, and that luscious Retina display, the new iPad has a lot going for it. And yet, Auntie really wants that 4G technology on an iPhone (especially a Verizon model with free metered hotspotting), not on a new iPad. Right technology, wrong device.

She's probably going to pick up a Wi-Fi model in a few months when refurbs start filling channels or when a contracting job demands testing on a new unit.

For now, the problem lies in the fact that the iPad 2 is a really, really good iPad. It does everything that Auntie needs an iPad to do and it does it well. Sure, Auntie would prefer the new screen, camera, memory, and so forth, but at $500 and up, none of those technologies are compelling enough to make her jump onboard yet.

Auntie loves the new iPad -- but the iPad 2 continues to be a winner as well. Apple clearly agrees, as the priced-to-move $399 iPad 2 that still maintains a spot on its store.


Auntie T.

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