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DUST 514 beta starts in April, gameplay video released at GDC

Jef Reahard

CCP has been incredibly coy about public testing for its DUST 514 MMOFPS, but last night the company revealed an upcoming April beta window in an exclusive interview with Gametrailers.

CEO Hilmar Petursson and CMO David Reid both gave the website a few interesting soundbytes as well as some long looks at DUST gameplay over the course of the eight-minute clip.

DUST isn't intended as an EVE Online replacement, nor does CCP expect huge numbers of EVE capsuleers to play the new shooter concurrently with its flying-in-space sandbox MMO. "It is really about providing this new gateway into the EVE universe for all the people who have been intrigued by it," Petursson said. "In April we'll open up the beta test we've been running since December of last year," he revealed.

Be sure to check out the full clip after the cut.

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