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Previously on MVTV: The week of March 3rd, 2012


Another week, another wrap-up of fantastic livestreaming, huh folks? In case you missed any of it, be sure to bookmark our MV Guide page. Check back on it often, maybe 12 times a day, and then you'll never miss another stream! Before you do that, though, sit back and check out some of the best moments of our week of gaming.

We'll start you off with Mike flying through some EVE space, followed by a visit to RIFT. Next up, Richie was perplexed by some Wakfu. I jumped into my usual weekly favorite Glitch to play some Game of Crowns while listening to metal, and then find out that watching Simball in Second Life is pretty darn awesome. Jeremy decided to follow that up with a visit to the turn-based world of Atlantica Online and then got all brave and found himself splattered in Darkfall. To round off the week, I ran some missions in Spiral Knights, and Blake brought up the rear by running and gunning in Global Agenda.

EVE Online banner
In this week's EVE stream, Mike and his alter ego, Spaceguy Rotsuda, finally picked up a ship that isn't a hunk of junk, which, of course, led Mike to new missions and new heights of destruction. Tune in to see what a difference a new ship and new weapons can make for beginning EVE players.

RIFT banner
RIFT can be a scary place, and this week Mike's baby Mage encountered more than her fair share of terrifying monsters. An undead dragon, flame-throwing goblins, and strange rift creatures all have one thing in common in this week's RIFT stream: They all get fireballs to the face.

Wakfu banner
Richie sat down to play Wafku this week, expecting strategic turn-based combat set inside a unique art style. And while he got healthy doses of both of those things, he was astonished by Wakfu's bizarre humor. Don't let the cutesy characters and sound effects fool you; the World of Twelve has some wacky (and mature) themes hidden in the world. We're not going to ruin the surprise, but let's just say you won't believe the last 10 minutes of this stream. You don't want to miss it!

Glitch banner
One of the greatest activities in Glitch is participation in a raging game of Game of Crowns. Think of playing tag, but with a golden crown that is passed between players as they touch each other. It's not as easy as it sounds, but I discovered on this week's Glitch Tuesday just how fun it is! If you stick around to see some of the games at the end, you get to hear the game being played to the tune of Probot and a little Rick Astley. It's magical, I say, magical!

Second Life banner
To keep with the theme this week, I decided to check out Simball in Second Life. Imagine a group of six players on different styles of floating surfboards, each with its own ability and advantage. The players grab a ball and have to avoid obstacles and each other to make a goal. The exciting thing about this stream (even with my shaky camera work) is that it shows off how wonderful Second Life is for creating games within games. The movements of the players on the board are fluid and fast, and the commentary is exciting. I think I might have found my next favorite thing to do in Second Life!

Atlantica Online banner
Jeremy is back with some Atlantica Online this week, exploring the game around level 20. If you've ever wondered what it's like to take part in turn-based battles of 6v6 while on a lowbie character, Jeremy has the stream for you. Atlantica Online can be a bit confusing and boasts a pretty complex set of systems. The turn-based combat is a heck of a lot of fun, but the cash-shop and leveling can take some time to learn. This stream will teach you at least some of what you need to know!

Darkfall banner
Do you like to hear the sound of splattering blood? No, I mean do you really like to hear the sound of splattering blood? Well, that's good because next Jeremy moved on to playing some Darkfall! Watch as he adjusts to the unusual control systems, attacks goblin after goblin and dies on his first mission, and becomes covered (and I mean covered) in blood. It's good to see a livestream of someone who is inexperienced in a game like Darkfall, especially to show just how needlessly confusing some parts of the game can be.

Spiral Knights banner
I jumped into some Spiral Knights for some clockwork-stomping action! The new mission system that was recently put into the game acts as a far better intorduction into the mechanics of the world. I took my time going through some lower level-missions that I should have finished before and then attempted (unsuccessfully) to find an NPC about a prize. Is there no map in this game? Anyway, if you are curious about one of my favorite titles, this stream will introduce it to you. If you play along, be sure to have some sort of ice wrap for your poor wrists after you are done because there's a lot of clicking!

Global Agenda
Blake returned to Global Agenda for Lunchtime Livecast number 10 after a one-week break. Luckily his skills hadn't deteriorated... too much. The PvE questing was moving along quite nicely until a surprise group invite sent our dear host to place in the game he'd never seen before. And as if that weren't enough, Blake also tackled his first Special Op on his Robotic.

Did you miss Massively TV last week? Are you too busy to dig through a week's worth of video to get to the highlights? Never fear! We've done the work for you right here in Previously on MV TV, a roundup of epic battles, tragic deaths, and juicy outtakes from last week's livestreams.

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