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If you live in Nashville or Denver, don't sell that old iPad


Are you a Comcast customer? Do you live in Denver or Nashville? You may wish to rethink your decision to resell your old iPad when picking up the new 3rd gen model.

That's because Comcast + iPad + the new AnyPlay service means your old iPad (1st or 2nd generation) can have a new life as a kitchen or bathroom TV. For just a one-time $10 charge, Comcast will send you an AnyPlay adapter -- that big, ugly box seen at right. AnyPlay is a new service being test-marketed that allows you to stream live video to iPads in your home network. You connect it to your cable service, and watch TV on your iPad.

What's more, if you have a 2nd gen iPad or later, you can use AirPlay to stream that video to Apple TV -- saving you the cost of renting digital adapters around the house.

It doesn't take much to wire up a presentation frame (you can adapt a picture frame with some wood molding) with a simple power-solution to mount that old iPad to a cabinet or to your fridge. And with AnyPlay, you can add "live TV" to the iPad's already powerful bag of tricks -- including looking up recipes, making shopping lists, and more.

Before you sell that iPad, think how it might better serve you in the home or car. iPad emplacements can spice up your life for not all that much money.

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