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Lord of the Rings Online developer blog on shaping the newest story

Eliot Lefebvre

The next part of Lord of the Rings Online's epic story is on the way, another installment with players following behind the Fellowship of the Ring and taking care of all sorts of important tasks on the periphery. That means it's time for players to head down south of Lothlorien toward the banks of the river Anduin. And according to the latest developer diary, if you're interested in the people of Rohan, you'll be happy to learn this installment is packed to the brim with all sorts of interesting moments and landscapes.

Aside from laying out the basics of what players will be doing on the shores of the river, the entry also explains why this installment of the story is sending players via the river rather than the west when the last story put them on the wrong side of the Misty Mountains. The entry explains that it's all about the shape of the story -- sending players ahead to Rohan from the wrong side would lead to all sorts of unpleasantly early victories and make things a lot less interesting. It should be an enlightening look at the upcoming installment of the story, even if it won't ameliorate some grumbles at the amount of travel involved.

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