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Onimusha Soul is Capcom's first browser game, coming this summer


Capcom will launch its first browser game, Onimusha Soul, this summer on June 28. The Onimusha series, which has been on hiatus since 2006, was an action series with sword-wielding protagonist, featuring Resident Evil elements. The browser game will be a "Sengoku simulation RPG."

The game will have players taking up the role of feudal lords during the Warring States period of Japan, using "their powers to achieve the growth of their respective states and train military commanders as they fight with other players."

So, given current details, what this has to do with demon slaughtering, soul-sucking warriors (like the Onimusha series did) is way beyond us. But Capcom's online division has been doing well with Smurfs' Village and made some serious bank last year, so it must know what it's doing.

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