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Zombie Track Meat features the Apocalympics


I must confess that I didn't come up with "Apocalympics." Its the result of a collaboration between Streaming Colour, FuzzyCube, and Pixelocity. The group meant to use the name for its zombie-based Olympics game, until the International Olympic Committee vetoed it. The title they settled on, "Zombie Track Meat," is still pretty good.

It's a minigame title, as you can see above. You must master eight events, each with a zombie-related twist. In the swimming event, your cute, customizable zombie must navigate an endless pool while collecting brains and avoiding radioactive barrels. The long jump is actually a car crash, where your zombie is thrown from a car. The goal is to keep him bouncing along and extend the landing for as long as possible. The Javelin throw is actually a shovel toss, and so on.

Each simple mini game features a single touch control. Much like Jetpack Joyride, they have little quirks to master and depths to explore. Zombie Track Meat ships with eight single-player events. You can earn "brains" to buy things in the store, like extra costumes or custom items for your zombie.

The game's creators haven't decided how future events will be unlocked. They don't want players to miss out on content, of course, but there may be some kind of progression in the title eventually.

Zombie Track Meat will debut on the Chrome App Store on April 1st. At that time, some of the events will be playable inside Google's browser. The rest of the events will arrive with the iOS release, which is set to hit when the real Olympics begin in late July, 2012. Zombie Track Meat looks like an interesting, casual collaboration between three talented iOS developers. We'll have to see how it comes out in June.

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